With something as good as a Liege waffle the only thing that could make it any better is fresh, rich toppings. We offer a variety of options for if you're feeling like something savory or something sweet. We even have some delicious combos with ice cream. 

There are plenty of combinations that have become our favorites. Come  give one a try!


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The Liege waffle originated out of Belgian and is unlike any waffle you've ever tasted. It is made from a yeast based dough that has pieces of specially imported Belgian pearl sugar kneaded into it just before baking. The yeast dough creates a soft and chewy texture while the partially melted pearl sugar creates sweet pockets on the inside and a nice caramelized crunch on the outside. The combination is unique and delicious. You simply must try one yourself.

What is a  LiegeWaffle?

Our Tasty Toppings!